COVINGTON, Ga. -- A woman who broke into a Covington business had to call for help after she got trapped inside.

According to the police report, the owner of Carter & Associates received a phone call from someone inside the business saying she was trapped inside and couldn't get out. The owner called police.

When the responding officer arrived, he found all of the doors locked, but a screen missing from one of the windows. He saw a woman inside and told her to open the door. She said she couldn't.

"How did you get into the building?" the officer asked. She explained she got through the window, which she says was unlocked.

Another officer had to crawl through that same window to get to the woman. When asked for her name and date of birth, the woman showed the officer a medical bracelet from Piedmont Newton hospital identifying her as 27-year-old Amanda Nicole Silva. She was placed under arrest.

When the owner arrived, he noticed desk drawers had been opened, but nothing was missing.

When police searched Silva's purse, they found a meth pipe, a plastic bag with meth in it, and a small brown bottle with GHB in it.

Silva was charged with burglary and possession.