CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A line formed outside the door before they opened. Not for a TV or computer, but for a new friend.

It's called "Home for the Paw-lidayz." From Friday through Monday, pet adoptions are free at the Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC).

"We are fortunate to have Zappos and Best Friends, two organizations we partner with to allow us to do the promotion," said HSC Behavior and Training Manager Huck Nawaz.

"Talk about a Black Friday Shopping," said pet care giver Karina Thomas. "That's a heck of a deal."

Families are asked to make a donation if they can, but giving homes to these pets is the goal.

Ronda Cherry came in looking for a "kitty cat"

"That means the world to me," Cherry said. "I can't have any kids, so it means so much to me to bring a baby home today."

Whether you're a cat or a dog person, the best way to find out is