CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Carolina drag queen who started a lot of controversy when he tried to start drag queen story time at charlotte libraries will get his story time, but not at the library.

Brandon James says he got death threats after our first story aired, but he still got a happy ending.

Brandon james first spoke to NBC Charlotte last week dressed in his drag queen character, Princess Onya, talking about his efforts to bring Drag Queen Storytime to kids at Charlotte libraries.

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“Opening their mind to diversity and acceptance.” Drag Queen Storytime is popular in other cities, but when people saw our story here about Brandon’s efforts, he says he got death threats.

‘People were saying they want to kill all the gays and transgenders.”

The NC Values Coalition posted their concerns about it on their Facebook page.

Their director told us over Skype, “We don't think this is appropriate content for young children to be hearing in the library.”

County commissioner Matthew Ridenhour said he was appalled.

“I was shocked to see somebody wanted to do that in a publicly-funded library. I don't think it’s what the majority of our comity would support.”

In fact, the library says it won't happen because only library staffers are allowed to conduct story time. But Brandon says he also got a lot of support.

“I got multiple emails from businesses in Charlotte that want to give me space to host Drag Queen Storytime because they were so touched by the story. So there will be one coming to charlotte.”

In fact he says he’ll be hosting it at the Common Market in Plaza Midwood next Saturday.