CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A special camp just for girls is teaching campers about important life lessons through basic firefighter training.

Tuesday marked the first day of the third annual Camp Ignite held by Charlotte Fire Department. Forty-five high school girls are participating in the program that is sponsored by Charlotte FD and Girl Scouts.

“They’re learning how to use tools properly,” said Charlotte Fire Captain Julie Law.

Drills include climbing ladders, breaking down locked doors, and putting on all of the firefighter gear, which is a big change for many of the campers.

“Some of them have never touched a ladder,” said Captain Denise Petraske.

“It definitely pushes you physically, mentally, and socially,” said Camp Ignite assistant Margaret Adams.

Campers say they gain more confidence and learn more about themselves at the camps.

“Whenever I left, I ended up joining the volunteer fire department in my town where I live,” said Cara Hasty.

The all-girls program ends Saturday.