LANCASTER, S.C. -- An organization in Lancaster is taking a stand after two teens were fatally shot just two weeks apart.

Tuesday night,  "Save the Streetz” is hosting a meeting to discuss ways to stop the violence.

It's something Nickie Evans knows about all too well.

“It’s gotten bad," said Evans. 

Three weeks ago, she and five children, including a 5-month-old baby were shot at while driving near Norfolk Road.

“A bullet missed my daughter’s head by two inches. The second bullet missed the SUV that carried the rest of us, and shot out the tire," Evans said.

Lancaster police arrested Ja’Mes Blair. Blair is charged with two counts of attempted murder along with several other charges.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case for other shootings in the area. On April 12, police say Mar’Quise Evans, a 19-year-old father, was fatally shot while in his car. The suspect still on the run.

“She looked like this and she said, "mama there's a body laying right there,'" said a neighbor who witnessed the aftermath of the shooting.

Two weeks later, another murder and another killer on the run. Lancaster High student Allen Cooper was gunned down after a community basketball game.

“I had prayer for him while he was out there," said Rev. Wayne Murray. "When I said amen he took his last breath."

Incidents like these are why Porsha Mungo and other members of the community are stepping in to save the streets.

“We’re trying to save it from violence," said Mungo.

Mungo along with Marko Thompson created the "Save the Streetz" initiative after the recent murders.

"We saw a lot of talk on Facebook about people wanting to do something so we got it going."

Tuesday night, the group is hosting a community meeting to discuss ways to put an end to the violence. 

“We’re trying to save our youth and give them the option of living. It seems as if they don’t realize whether you’re the person that’s being shot or the shooter, that’s death.”