(WTHR) Tuesday was trick-or-treat do-over night for Cailynn Moore of Newcastle, Indiana, a day after she was nearly tricked out of it by a trip to an emergency room.

Cailynn was visiting a neighbor's house on Monday when she apparently tripped over the pit bull lying on the floor.

The dog bit her near the eye. She spent Halloween having plastic surgery.

Sheena Moore, Cailynn's mom, said doctors have yet to determine if the eye itself was damaged.

"That's all she talked about last night, missing Halloween," Moore said.

Cailynn even woke a neighbor at 5:00 Tuesday morning.

"She was still kind of confused about where all the kids were," said family friend Amy Page. "She was ready to trick-or-treat, but nobody had lights on."

So she posted on social media that a few friends should stage a Halloween sequel.

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