MONROE, N.C. – When parents lose a child, the scars can last forever.

But a couple in Monroe isn’t willing to let the memory of their son die. To honor his memory, they made sure the children that would have been his classmates have everything they need to succeed.

Aaron and Sara Brooks have plenty of kids. One look at their mantle will tell you that, but it’s the child they only knew for a little while that comes to mind in their quiet times.

“It happened six years ago,” said Sara. “Hashim was born prematurely and upon being born, he only lived a few hours.”

The parents held their son until he died.

“He was loved every minute of his life and we want to make sure he’s not forgotten,” Sara said.

Now, the Brooks family is making sure their son’s name lives on by making sure the kids who would have been his classmates start their first day of school prepared.

“We wanted to share his name with the community he would have been a part of,” Sara explained.

So they bought backpacks and began filling them with school supplies. A total of 144, all filled with whatever a kindergartener might need at school.

“Construction paper, gift cards, scissors,” said Sara, naming just a few of the items provided for children.

Last week, the Brooks delivered those backpacks to the rising kindergarteners at Walter Bickett Elementary, the son their son would have attended. And while the kids didn’t understand who their missing classmate was, they didn’t have to, in order to help this couple heal.

“It was incredible,” Sara said. “We got a lot of hugs from the children. It was a really exciting, fun experience for us. It was a great day.”

A simple gift that helps students tackle new frontiers and allows the Brooks family to handle the past.