IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. -- Easter is all about resurrection, but two members of an Iredell County Church were greeted Sunday morning by destruction.

Terry and Ellen Bullin arrived at Houstonville Church in Harmony to find a backward-facing swastika spray painted on the door, eggs thrown at the exterior of the church, and skid marks on the front lawn.

"I look at this church as a lighthouse," says Ellen, who plays the piano every Sunday. "I look at a church as a place for the needy soul, a place where love can be found and if you could have seen this door Sunday morning, you wouldn't haven't thought there was much love in what was done here. "

Ellen called the sheriff's department and out came Deputy Cody James.

"I've been in law enforcement six years so I've seen graffiti more than once, first [time] at a church," said James, who is the fourth generation of his family to work in law enforcement.

He's a blue blood through and through.

"Cut it and I don't bleed red," says James.

After James took photographs and filed a report, his next move surprised Bullin. Call it an Easter miracle.

"He asked me if I had some paint and I said yes," said Bullin. "He painted the door, took his time and did a good job. By the time our service started, you couldn't tell anything had happened."

Deputy James completed his civic duty by filing the report but he says his next move wasn't influenced by morals. Instead, religion.

"My faith played a little bit in it, in all honesty, just being raised right. A good country boy and understanding this is what we would do anytime," says James.

Bullin says James went far beyond his job description by picking up a brush and painting the door and as for the people who vandalized the church, Bullin says they are welcome any Sunday.