Not to point any fingers, but if you were one of the many on Saturday who got confused about the limited edition Szechuan Sauce put out by McDonald's, maybe you should have read our article.

No, we don't mean to pile on - we realize it's frustrating - and the fast-food giant did not make it easy to understand 1) what they were doing this Saturday and 2) where the sauces were.

That's usually what happens when a company does three separate things on the same day. Saturday is the rollout of Mickey D's new buttermilk chicken tenders AND their new 'signature sauce'.

But at a list of set restaurants would ALSO have posters available starting at 2 p.m. as long as supplies lasted. Those posters were an artistic representation of the ten different sauces McDonald's offered.

THEN, finally, there was an even smaller list of stores within the second list that were actually offering Szechuan sauce.

In Colorado, that was three stores: one in Boulder, one in Fort Collins and one in Colorado Springs.

Photo via KUSA.

McDonald's didn't have a single store in Denver offering the sauce - and many - even some 9NEWS staff - missed the memo.

And if you thought the sauce would be in Denver, you can always take solace in the fact that you aren't alone:

Twitter users - and a couple angry 9NEWS viewers - pointed out that the company only gave each store 20 packets of the sauce. In a tweet shortly after the rollout of the sauce, McDonald's acknowledged the mistake: