LAKE WYLIE, S.C. -- Customer service taking on new meaning at a Lake Wylie restaurant, where staff is coming together to help the daughter of a Gaston County single mom, killed in a freak accident last week.

"We're a family here at T-Bones and our customers that have been coming here for years, years and years, they're family, too," said server/bartender Victoria Massey.

Sherry Morriss could be seen two, maybe three times a week at T-Bone's bar.

"Sherry was a regular here, friends with a lot of people in the community, this is where everyone hangs out," Massey explained.

T-Bone's on the Lake was like a second home for Morriss, but she was working hard to create a dream home in Belmont for her 9-year-old daughter, Jessica. Morriss took on many major projects on her own, including creating an access road herself.

"Very independent, she was a go-getter, served four years in the Navy, so [if] she wants something, she was going to get it and get it done," said Massey.

But now this go-getter is gone. A backhoe crushed Morris last Monday as she tried to create an access road. Her daughter Jessica found her.

"I'm 27 and I don't know what I would do if I ever saw my mom like that, so, I can only image for a 9-year-old girl," said Massey. "Jessica was Sherry's whole life, she did everything for that girl."

Now Morriss' second family is coming together for her one and only. Massey created a GoFundMe page for Jessica. It has raised more than $800. She says they are also taking gifts, cards and clothes for the girl who will turn 10 this December 25. It will be her first Christmas and birthday without her mom.

"All I could think about was this poor girl, all this happening and this is supposed to be the happiest time of year," Massey said. "Money wasn't necessary; if you wanted to send something, send a thought, a prayer, send a card, send something to let her know that people are thinking about her and she's not alone."

She says the least they could do for a long time customer and friend.

"She'd be grateful," Massey said, thinking about Morriss.

To make a donation, visit GoFundMe.