FORT MILL, S.C. -- More than 40,000 women will die of breast cancer this year alone, but Fort Mill students are hoping to change that.

Every football season, high schools around the country compete to raise the most money for the American Cancer Society.

Last year, Fort Mill High not only won but also shattered the competition, raising a whopping $23,000. Second place didn’t even come close at $9,950.

“You always want to be number one, and if you’re number one in something that helps people around the world, you can take pride in that,” Junior Shane Boyle said.

Shane and his sister, freshman Avery Boyle, are only two of the hundreds of students who have come together to raise money for breast cancer research.

“We raised $586 by selling necklaces, bracelets, tattoos, and during the game, we’d go around with buckets,” Avery said about one of their many fundraisers. “It’s really amazing to be a part of a school that can raise that much money for a great cause.”

Students and parents worked together to coordinate numerous money-raising campaigns, including Fort Mill's Restaurant Wars.

“The younger generation, if we start it now and build it up when we get older, it sets a good example, like younger kids can do it, so can we,” Shane said.

This year, Fort Mill High is hoping to win again.

But for Shayne and Avery, it’s more than just a competition. Their mother, Susie Boyle, is a cancer survivor.

“Cancer is a wake-up call,” Susie said. “You think you’re going to live forever and someone tells you that you have a diagnosis and you don’t know if you’re going to live another week or another year.”

She says seeing the students come together for the cause has been priceless.

“I think if you inspire children to do anything positive and back them up, they’ll do it, they’ll run with it,” she said.

And run with it, they did.

With about a month left in this season’s fundraiser, FMHS has raised almost $4,000. They’re currently leading the competition, but have set a goal of $10,000. To donate and contribute to the team’s total, click here.