CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Local Charlotte high-school students began their own tradition in order to honor a classmate of theirs who passed away after battling to a brain tumor.

Long runs can sometimes help bring out the best ideas says Charlotte Christian Cross-Country runner Hannah Brandon.

"All of a sudden it just came to me like, hey? What if we start a 5-K for Colby?"

With help from teammate Annika Urban, the 'Super Colby 5-K' was born.

Colby Young was diagnosed with a brain tumor while in the eighth grade. After a heroic 2-year battle, Colby died last fall.

"All the proceeds are going to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation so we hope that it will become an annual thing so every year we can donate more money." said Brandon.

"We're both Cross-Country runners and so a 5-K is not too much to us." added Urban.

Their coach Sara Blakeney is all for it.

"Hannah, and Annika are just the real deal, they wear their hearts on their sleeve and I think it speaks volumes for our school in that we really rally around one another."

To take part in the fun just visit

You can also show up at McAlpine Creek Park this Saturday at 7:45 a.m. to register and run. If you don't feel like running, that's okay too. Donations will be accepted.