CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A warning was issued for shoppers getting ready to set up Christmas lights this holiday season. If you have a laser light display or you're thinking of buying one, be careful where you aim it. The Federal Aviation Administration says if they point into the sky, it can be dangerous for pilots.

Lisa Wagner owns Mystic Fire Lights were some of these displays are sold.

"They fire about 250 feet on the laser units," Wagner said. "That's not really enough to go up into the air but it will go a short distance."

But the FAA is sending out a reminder to anyone installing the popular displays to make sure the lasers are pointed on only their homes and not into the sky.

In a statement from the FAA, a spokesperson said: "The problems we've experienced were the results of lasers shining above the level of the roof. The light energy can travel several miles."

The laser lights are adjustable and can be moved up or down. To make sure they don't shine into the eyes of a pilot, keep those laser lights low enough that they aren't pointed up into the sky.

"Try to be responsible and not shoot it in the air," Wagner said.

As more Christmas laser light displays go up around the city, police and pilots say the growing danger in the sky is likely to only get worse in the coming weeks.