GREENVILLE, N.C. -- A bar in Greenville took to Facebook to voice their opinion amid controversy in the NFL of standing for the national anthem.

"Lets [sic] take a stand at Tie Breakers," Tiebreakers Sports Bar and Grill posted. "Everyone who stands and places their hands over their heart during the National Anthem will receive a FREE appetizer this Sunday!"

Brayom Anderson, the restaurant's owner, told WNCT he was providing the free appetizers as a stance responding to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

"This is my stance," Anderson told WNCT. "This is what I believe in. If you don't want to stand, you don't have to stand. There's nothing that says you got to come to Tiebreakers and stand up. I would hope that everybody would stand up. Not for the free appetizer, but just to stand and support our country."

The restaurant's Facebook post received both backlash and applause.

"Anyone that uses patriotism to turn a profit is not a true Patriot," one comment said.

Kerah Burley Herd, an apparent member of the military, commented in response saying the business has an obligation to keep bias commentary to themselves.

"This is very inappropriate," Herd wrote. "Don't use what's going on in this country to create more division."

The restaurant's Facebook post responded saying, "I'm a Veteran so don't throw that around. It's also my business and I can choose what I want to support and donate money too. You have the right to not patronize Tie Breakers if you have a problem with my post!"

Others responded in defense of the restaurant.

"A business getting attacked for promoting patriotism is ridiculous," Facebook user Jeremy Spengeman said.