CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte serves 1,500 people each day, people who have lost everything. Monday the organization kicked off its "We Speak Hope" week, encouraging the community to do something small to show others they care.

"A simple thing can go a long way, and that's what we need in Charlotte,” said Brent Rinehart, Director of Communications at Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte. “We need people to come together, just really do something for someone else and see the impact that it can make."

The “We Speak Hope” campaign is a way to encourage acts of kindness in the community. Over 200 volunteers came out to BB&T Ballpark this afternoon to organize toiletries, school supplies, and snack items that will be distributed across the Queen City.

"There are just a lot of needs and we need to take action," one volunteer says.

You can get involved by spreading kindness. Whether it's buying someone a cup of coffee or organizing an event in your neighborhood, use #WeSpeakHope to share your experience.

"Charlotte needs to know that every little good deed helps,” another volunteer says. “Big good deeds help, but the little ones help just as much. If you say thank you to someone or hello to someone or are nice to someone at a cash register."

You can always donate items, as well. The Salvation Army needs toiletries and school items.