ROCK HILL, S.C. – People living in Rock Hill’s Riverwalk community are unhappy after they said a large perm blocked the river view they are paying a lot of money for.

“We think this is just a shame,” said resident Paul Jordan.

Something’s gone missing from the ritzy Riverwalk.

“I’m not sure what they’re doing with it,” said Jane McCain.

Howeowners have spent the last couple of weeks searching for the river view that first attracted them to the area.

“Now you look at a pile of…I’m not sure what it is,” McCain explained.

The river that once offered a breathtaking view has been replaced by a big berm.

Homeowners and business owners in this booming development said they’ve received no communication on why the soil was placed there.

“Why destroy the biggest asset that you have not only for existing businesses, but for the future businesses you’re trying to attract?” Jordan asked.

“You sit out there and have a glass of wine and you can’t see the view we’ve had,” McCain said.

“I also wonder if it’s not a safety issue because when the police or whoever would pass by, you could see the kayak launch,” Jordan added. “You could see what’s going on at the river. Now, that’s all obstructed.”

NBC Charlotte reached out to the Riverwalk development for more information. Those requests have not been returned.