ROCK HILL, S.C. -- It happened in an instant-- the riding lawnmower father of three Jason Estep was using flipped over on top of him.

He was trapped with a broken arm.

At that very moment, Castle Heights Middle School bus driver Stephanie Murdock was driving by.

"The moment he fell, I called," said Murdock. "I'm still trying to work it out in my mind."

"Scary, when it happened," said Jason Estep. "And I'm just thankful everybody was there to help me and Ms. Stephanie was there to call 911 for me."

Jason's wife Candance is a nurse but was at work at the time of the accident. Her middle daughter called her in a panic with the news. She believes a higher power placed the bus driver in a position to help her husband of 14 years.

"He put Ms. Murdock at the right place at the right time, but I also want people to never be too busy to stop and help."

Murdock was given a thank you card and bouquets of flowers at the end of school on Friday.

"I love them. They're beautiful. I love flowers."