FORT MILL, S.C. -- Fort Mill parents are raising money to build an all-inclusive playground in the York area.

Special needs families say there are no accessible playgrounds in the county, or even beyond.

“My son Ethan uses the walker,” Fort Mill mother Anne Jones explained. “To go to a playground with mulch is virtually impossible for him to walk. All the playgrounds here have mulch."

A day in the park is easy to take for granted. But for Jones and so many other parents, it is not so simple.

“Every mom wants their family to be able to go to a playground and play together,” Jones said. “He can’t go with his older brothers and play on the equipment, which is really all he wants to do in life.”

And she’s not alone. Several Fort Mill special needs families have brought their concerns to town council, requesting an all-inclusive playground with ramps, shade, rubber surfacing and a fence.

“All kids want to play and have fun,” said Lori Christison, a local speech therapist who helped spearhead the effort.

Town council agreed to donate land for a new playground.

Now, the group of parents is trying to raise money to build it, launching a website and video campaign.

“When my kids were little, the playground was a place for adventure,” Christison said. “Honestly, it breaks my heart that some families don’t have that opportunity.”

You can learn more about the project and how to donate by visiting their website here.