CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Three teens are facing serious charges following a two-week long crime spree.

Police say the teens broke into six homes in east Charlotte.

“The break-ins, it’s been pretty bad,” said Wesley Ballard.

While some homeowners were aware of the break-ins, others were just finding out.

“Wow it’s usually a quiet neighborhood and I’m surprised,” Kameer Puranda said.

But what’s most surprising is who police say is responsible for them, three teenage boys all under the age of 16, who live in the neighborhood they preyed on.

“These kids have no respect now. They don’t respect people’s property,” Ballard said.

A total of six break-ins between April 26th and May 11th, the houses were all within blocks of each other. Police responded to the homes in the afternoon to early evening hours.

Early Friday morning, there was a break in the case. Neighbors identified the boys they suspected.

After interviewing the group and their parents, police took the teens in.

“It is really sad. It’s very, very sad,” Ballard said shaking his head.

“I have conversations with my family. If we see anything out of place definitely make mom or dad aware of it. And we communicate with our neighbors,” Puranda explained.

Police say the teens were stealing property and storing it in a nearby wooded area. All of it has been returned to its rightful owners.