ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A 30-year-old woman in Rock Hill has been charged after her 4-year-old daughter found her passed out behind the wheel of a car.

Neighbors of the Riverview Road neighborhood called police because they heard the little girl screaming in an attempt to wake up her mother, who was also supposed to be watching another child.

“I don’t understand it myself. It’s just scary we have these people watching our children,” said Rock Hill police spokesperson Mark Bollinger.

He says as a parent, what happened Friday morning is hard to believe.

“Dispatch received a call that neighbors heard a 4-year-old screaming in the parking lot trying to wake her mother up,” Bollinger explained.

Police say 30-year-old Aimee Nicole Savage was passed out in the driver’s seat, her 4-year-old desperately yelling for help.

Officers could not wake Savage up after multiple attempts. They called EMS, and together were able to revive her.

“She told officers and paramedics she took a Xanax which she didn’t have a prescription for,” Bollinger said.

Police also found almost 15.78 grams of marijuana in the car.

Even worse, Savage was supposed to be watching a neighbor’s kids, too.

“Another neighbor asked if she could watch the children and she said she was capable of doing it and then passed out,” Bollinger said, “which is scary.”

Scary, and a cautionary tale for any parent.

“You think you know your neighbors, you think you know your best friend, but you never really know what people are capable of,” Bollinger explained. “We’ve seen relatives do the same thing. You just never know.”

Savage is charged with unlawful conduct toward a child and possession of marijuana. She was released from the Rock Hill Jail Saturday on $4,000 bond.