CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There are new questions about a recent rash of BB gun crimes, after a car crashes into local fire station.

The car carrying five teenagers significantly damaged the Cooks Fire Department on Mount Holly Huntersville Road. Now, NBC Charlotte has learned police found a BB gun in their vehicle.

Over the weekend, several properties were damaged by BB guns.

When asked if there’s a possible link between the BB gun discovery and the other recent cases , the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department told NBC Charlotte that’s all part of the investigation. However, the properties damaged by BB guns were not far away from the fire station.

“They (the firefighters) were in total shock,” says Fire Chief Mike Stanford.

Officials said three people were injured after a car slammed into a northwest Charlotte fire station overnight. 

The car crashing into a local fire station is now sparking a chain reaction. A discovery made there is leading to new questions about a recent rash of BB gun crimes. Police are now investigating if the BB gun found in the car is related to other cases.

Latonya Glaze was among half a dozen victims with windows shot out by BB guns. Most of the crimes happened in the North division where the fire station is.

“I feel violated, disrespected,” says Glaze. “There was nothing missing out of the car, and it sounds a little crazy to expect something to be missing, but just to damage my car for no reason, very frustrated.”

Investigators say five teenagers were inside the car, including 18 year-old Zaire Jasper who was charged for reckless driving. CMPD tells NBC Charlotte they’re not aware of any connection to other cases at this point.

“Whoever is doing it, please stop,” says Glaze.

Meanwhile, firefighters are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the fire trucks and the building. However, despite how it looks on the outside, the fire station remains open.

“We want to get back and serve the public, and do what we were called to do,” says Chief Stanford.

Two of the teenagers were taken to the hospital. One with minor injuries and the other with serious injuries. No firefighters were hurt in the crash.