CHARLOTTE, N.C. - There’s new reason to be alert to the dangers of road rage as many people travel this busy Fourth of July weekend.

NBC Charlotte is learning about a pair of scary incidents between strangers on the road, including one in Charlotte.

Police say one man pointed a shotgun at another man at the intersection of West WT Harris Boulevard and IBM Drive. It happened during a busy time of day, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

Fortunately, no one was shot in that incident. But another road rage case on the same day had a very different ending.

The rush can be frustrating, but what happened on WT Harris Boulevard turned it downright frightening. The police report describes an unknown male suspect pointing a shotgun at a 36 year-old man. The victim in that case survived to tell police.

However, on the same day another road rage incident ended tragically. Pennsylvania police are now looking for a man who shot and killed a teenage girl.

Investigators say 18-year-old Bianca Roberson was driving home from a shopping trip when she tried to merge into the same lane as a red pick-up truck.

"Her car started jostling with a red pick-up truck, not actually hitting, but both of them trying to merge together. And then, she was shot. The man in the red pick-up truck shot her directly in the head,” says Tom Hogan, Chester County District Attorney.

Roberson had graduated from high school and was getting ready for college in the fall.

"We were all excited for her. She was excited. We were just happy for her,” said her father tearfully.

“To that man who fired the shot, turn yourself in now. Every second you are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself,” says Hogan.

No arrests have been made in the Charlotte case either. Police only say that the two men first encountered each other in the roadway.

CMPD is not releasing further details at this point, because they say it’s an ongoing investigation.