INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, Minn. - The love of a parent knows no bounds.

The parents of a little boy murdered 14 years ago in Brooklyn Center are preparing to cope with their loss all over again, as the child's killer will be released from prison this week.

“He had the biggest smile in the world, man. The little dude will smile about anything, you know?” Lewis said.

As they sit together remembering their son, Cynthia Sweats and Ariciro Lewis will tell you the last 14 years went by in a blink.

Cynthia and Ariciro have changed a lot in that time. Meantime, little Cameron never got the chance to grow older than the smiling little boy in their photos.

“He should be 17, but he's forever three,” Sweats said.

In February 2003, Cynthia went to work and left three-year-old Cameron in the care of life-long family friend Samuel Jones.

She received a call at midnight that Cameron needed medical attention. Jones initially claimed the toddler fell off a cupboard but later admitted to police that he beat the boy. Cameron died at the hospital.

“What hurts me the most is when I want to hold my son,” Sweats said.

The pain is especially near the surface because Cameron's killer will be released from prison on Wednesday. A little more than 13 years served of a 20-year sentence

To Cameron's parents that just isn't enough.

“He got his freedom. But my son won’t get his though,” Lewis said.

Cythnia says she's written letters to lawmakers, begging someone to take up the cause of harsher prison sentences for those who kill children.

“There has to be harsher laws. There has to be. Because it's not fair. And it's not right,” Sweats said.

If it were to someday happen, she would hope they call it Cameron's Law. A legacy for the boy these parents don't want forgotten.

“I try to be so strong, but it’s hard,” Sweats said.