CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Wednesday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police announced they’ve arrested 28 people and have removed 20 firearms from off city streets after an agency crackdown on two rival groups.

This December, police say two rival groups went on a shooting rampage against each other, resulting in 13 shootings across Charlotte between December 4 and December 28.

“When they have what we call an argument or what we’d say is some sort of disagreement with each other, this is how they would try to reconcile that disagreement is by shooting in houses,” said Lt. Brian Sanders, with CMPD.

Police say they shot into houses, cars and even a packed nightclub.

In one case, a home on Polk Street, located just north of uptown, was shot at with a 3-year-old and 5-year-old inside.

On the morning of December 28, police say a car carrying four people, including a 3-year-old little boy was shot into while driving along Brookshire Boulevard.

“With these particular groups of individuals, it seems that’s what they did to each other,” says Lt. Sanders.

Right now, police say they’re not considering the groups to be gangs.

“We’re not necessarily talking gangs. I know that’s what we want to say, but were talking about groups that change and individuals that migrate every 12 months,” said Lt. Sanders.

Out of the 13 shootings, three people were injured, with no fatalities. But to put an end to the violence, CMPD says several internal agencies joined forces.

“The collaborative effort to date has resulted in 28 arrests, the seizure of 20 firearms and various amounts of illegal narcotics,” said Lt. Sanders.

Three of those individuals include Quay Davis, Justin Slade and Jamison Fryer.

Jamison Fryer
Quay Davis

Police say Davis was arrested December 29, charged with firearm possession by a felon, CCW, and possession of marijuana. Police say he was placed on electronic monitoring, but cut if off and fled to York County where he was later arrested. But now, police say he’s out on bond.“As we all know people are allowed to bond out. That’s where we are,” said Lt. Sanders, “CMPD is very dedicated to working on the violent crime in this area as we hope that the community themselves continues to reach out and help us with these.”CMPD says the investigation is ongoing.