CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they need help to battle the increase in violent crime across the city.

Earlier this year, a newspaper delivery man was killed in uptown, and already this year there have been more than 30 murders in Charlotte.

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Police representing FOP Lodge No. 6 say they need help.

Flashing blue lights, yellow crime scene tape, and the sight of grieving families, as 2017 quickly became a year riddled with crime across the Queen City.

“It definitely worries me,” said Lisa Beck.

CMPD has been called to investigate 30 murders in the first five months of the year. A total of 68 people were killed throughout all of 2016. Other violent crime is on the rise, too, with more reports of assaults and break-ins, police say.

“We’ve had 14 people break in our cars in the last three months,” said Ian Sullivan, who lives in the University area.

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“Violent crime is up in the city,” said Travis Cook. “Homicides, robberies, assaults all up.”

During Monday’s City Council meeting, officers made their plea for a proposed $3.4 million. That money would fund 91 new positions at the department, including 62 new officers.

Police and the public acknowledge there aren’t enough cops out on the streets.

“The population is definitely growing in this area, so you are seeing a lot more violent crime in this area,” said William Henderson.

“I think it’s a good idea to hire more officers with the crime rate and how it’s gone up,” Beck said.