CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Neighbors are on alert in South Park, where Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating two cases of sex crimes.

CMPD responded to a shopping center on Morrison Thursday morning, after a 26-year-old woman told police she saw a man exposing himself in public. The suspect got away.

"Unfortunately, i'm not surprised i think it is the condition of our culture today," said Jan Stubblefield, a shopper. "There's no respect for people and we've lost all decorum."

Another case police are working in the area happened at the South Park Mall. Sources told NBC Charlotte that inside a spa, a 64-year-old woman reported to police Thursday that someone touched her in an inappropriate and unwanted manner and masturbated in front of her back in September.

"It would horrify me if it happened to me," Stubblefield said.

Police say these two cases are not related, but the both happened in or around the South Park Mall area.