CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Across the country, men, women, even children, are signing up in waves to learn how they can best protect themselves in an active shooter situation.

“In light of everything going on across the country, a lot of businesses, a lot of bars, a lot of lounges, houses of worship, they’re wanting us to come out and do this presentation,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Jonathan Frisk.

Tuesday, Officer Frisk answered the call of popular Charlotte club owner Peter Thomas.

"The last thing I want to happen is what happened in Orlando last year or what happened in Vegas this weekend," Thomas said.

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Thomas signed his ClubONE and Sports One employees up for the two-hour active survival course last week, before Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas. Now, he's taking it even more seriously.

"You have to think about people's safety," Thomas said.

Officer Frisk told attendees that time and distance are your two best friends in these situations. And if ever confronted by a shooter, it's better to run than to hide.

"It definitely makes me more aware. They need to be more aware," Frisk explained. "It's not just about when you go to work, but when you go to the grocery store (or) when you go to the movie theater."

Anyone in Mecklenburg County interested in taking the class can email Officer Frisk at Officers will come to you free of charge.