CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- While you’re doing your online shopping for Cyber Monday, criminals are standing by, ready to steal your purchases before you ever see them.

These so-called “porch pirates” are giving new meaning to the word door busters.

New statistics from the neighborhood social networking site “Nextdoor” show 42% of people have reported having a package stolen right from their front door.

“There are people who this is their livelihood, they ride around and steal stuff off people’s front porches,” said Mark Bollinger, spokesperson for the Rock Hill police department.

Bollinger offered several tips to keep the porch pirates away.

“The first one is have the package delivered to your workplace,” he said. “Second is chose a tracking option where they notify you when they’re delivering it. The other thing you can do is ask the shipping company to hold it at their local plant. Fed-Ex, UPS, and the post office will all do that.”

Bollinger also said to keep an eye out for people following delivery trucks.

“That’s probably someone just watching the deliveries wanting to snatch some things to please call 911,” he said.

Amazon also offers secure lockers like this one all across the country. You have the option to have your items shipped to one of these sites, and pick it up whenever you want.