CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is searching for the vandals who spray-painted obscene images, curse words and even satanic writing throughout an east Charlotte neighborhood.

Police say they’re stepping up patrols after more than a dozen cars and homes were vandalized. Neighbors and police say the suspects they’re looking for are teenagers.

NBC Charlotte talked to some of the victims who just moved to the neighborhood. They say this is not the welcome they wanted.

Gabriela Jensen said she’s had trouble removing the vandalism at her home.

“A penis on my garage door,” Jensen said. “Yesterday, I tried to get it off and it wasn’t coming off.”

A few doors down, Cherelle Williams said the vandals spray painted "666" on their vehicle’s rear window.

Williams tells NBC Charlotte her family just moved into the home last Saturday.

“Cruel sayings and cruel words, of course," Williams said. "I’m definitely offended by it."

In all, police reports show at least 13 properties were targeted, ranging from a spray painted picture of a naked woman to curse words. The crimes happened near Spandril Lane and Peacock Lane.

“I’m just kind of stuck on, why? What was the point? What was the motive? Because it just seemed really stupid,” Jensen said.

However, it’s happened before. In July, the nearby Mint Hill Athletic Association told NBC Charlotte vandals, also believed to be teenagers, used chemicals to spell out curse words on the soccer field.

CMPD tells NBC Charlotte they’ve increased patrols after the latest vandalism.

“I hope they do find those teenagers because they caused a lot of damage,” Williams said.

Police reports show hundreds of dollars of damage to the properties. For Jensen, more cleanup is needed as well.

“Today, once I’m done working, I’m going to try again,” Jensen said Monday.

So far no arrests have been made. Police say they’re looking into whether the suspects could be involved in any other recent crimes.