CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police in Charlotte say violent crime is on the rise, up 40 percent from 2015.

Public safety was the focus of a town hall meeting Thursday evening. It comes just hours after a NoDa man was pistol-whipped, kidnapped, and robbed.

“Rarely do we have people that are robbed and taken somewhere. But it does happen on occasion,” an officer with CMPD said.

And it did happen around 4 a.m. Thursday to Drake Margolnick.

“I was just doing what I could to not get shot,” he said.

Margolnick was on a morning jog when a man ran up from behind and hit him.

“Then I got pistol-whipped here, real hard. And that stunned me,” he explained, pointing to his eye.

It took only seconds for two more men to jump in and beat him to the ground. Margolnick said they demanded money. He didn’t have his wallet so they threw him into the back of a black SUV and a fourth suspect drove to his house.

“The guy to my left had a gun to my head the entire time,” Margolnick went on.

There they stole his TV, his iPhone, and brand new Macbook. He thought the nightmare was over until they made him get back into the SUV.

Amazingly, he was dropped off at dead end and wasn’t further harmed.

At Thursday evening’s town hall meeting CMPD said they’ve seen a 20-percent increase in overall crime since 2015.

They’re urging the public to be on high alert.

“There’s a lot of things that people do to make sure they don’t present themselves as a victim or cause an opportunity for a crime,” police said.

Understandably very frightened by what was happening, Margolnick did not get a good look at the four suspect’s faces.