MOORESVILLE, N.C. - Police in Mooresville are conducting rape aggression defense training this weekend for all women 14 and up.

“My dad has always taught me be prepared for whatever may happen,” 24-year-old Stormi Johnson said.

Signing up for RAD was a no brainer for Johnson.

She's been in a scary situation before, and said without the help of a man nearby, she's not sure what would have happened.

“I've had an incident where I was out grocery shopping, not at night, just in the late afternoon after work. And I had a man approach me and he started getting a little aggressive.”

The course is designed to teach women basic defense skills in the event of an attack.

Mooresville police say the department is not seeing an uptick in sexual assaults locally. But nationwide, the number of instances is on the rise.

“Giving them some tools, they can rely on and use and hopefully prevent anything bad from happening,” Mooresville Police Major Ron Chilton explained.

Just last month in charlotte one woman bruised and bloody after she was attacked by a man in broad daylight.

And another woman said she is afraid to walk uptown alone, after she became the victim of an attempted robbery outside crave dessert bar on Graham Street.

The RAD course is taking place this Saturday and Sunday at the Charles Mark Center in Mooresville.

“I hope to feel more confident when I'm going out late at night, even with friends that if something were to happen I would be prepared in that situation and able to defend myself at least until the police or someone else could get there,” said Johnson.

Police say there are only a few spots left.

Anyone who is interested is asked to call 704- 664-3311.