ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A credit card skimmer found at a Rock Hill bank could help police bust a nationwide crime ring.

Investigators are now working with federal officials to catch two men caught on surveillance video before they strike again.

Police think the men may be a part of a national Romanian refugee card skimming ring that federal officials busted years ago.

When officers found a skimmer on an ATM at the First Citizens Bank on Herlong Avenue in Rock Hill, they pulled security footage -- and the suspects they saw looked a little too familiar.

“The feds got involved with this the last time and got some serious time on them,” Rock Hill police spokesperson Mark Bollinger explained Wednesday. “Maybe we scared them away for a while, maybe this is a new generation.”

Bank staff said state and federal investigators are now trying to track down the two people captured by the ATM’s camera.

<p>Police in Rock Hill are searching for a man accused of placing card skimmers on at least two ATMs last month. </p>
Police in Rock Hill are searching for a man accused of placing card skimmers on at least two ATMs last month.&nbsp;
“A couple years ago we had some Romanian nationals that were doing this and detectives today think it's the same group,” Bollinger said.If they are a part of the same group that struck years ago, this probably won’t be the last we see of them or their skimming devices.“Years ago it was all up and down the east Coast and it was in the dozens at the minimum,” Bollinger said. “They were actually arrested somewhere up in Virginia”If you recognize the men in the surveillance photos, you are urged to call crime stoppers or local police before they strike again.“It may be this group has the technology to make the skimmers,” Bollinger said. “They actually have pinhole cameras. They get your passcode because they watch you put your code in. It is creepy, and it's very ingenious.”