ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A teenager is facing assault charges after deputies say he punched another student at Rock Hill High School.

But school officials say not one of the students who witnessed it went to get help.

“To laugh at it and make a mockery of it and then video it, it’s just awful,” the victim’s mother Katrina Chilsen
told NBC Charlotte.

She says she didn’t know her son was punched in the face at school until she saw a video of it on Facebook.

“By that time it had already hit social media and it was widespread,” Chilsen said.

She says she later learned the two boys had been arguing.

That led to one teen throwing a punch, as other students stood around and watched, laughed, even recorded it on their phones.

“I'm sorry that they felt they couldn't stand up,” Chilsen said. “Somebody could've spoke up.”

School district officials tell us they also had no idea the fight happened until it started circulating online because not a single student reported it.

“I want to make an example of my son,” Chilsen said. “Let's step in and protect our kids and let them know this is not the answer.”

Now that this video has emerged, this student has been charged by the York County Sheriff’s Office with assault and battery.

Chilsen says the child who was charged with assault was suspended for 5 days. Rock Hill school district officials would only say the student was disciplined according to school policy.