YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- York County law enforcement are capturing criminals in a unique way.
York County Sheriff's Office's ongoing Crime Stoppers newscast has led investigators to the arrests of dozens.

Tent Faris, public information officer and Detective Walter Beck are the hosts of “Wanted Wednesday.” The show airs every two weeks on a local cable and radio station and social media.

Faris, a former news reporter, now the executive producer of the show created the newscast to bring more attention to wanted criminals.

“For years it was the same old thing, where it was one case, once a week, with maybe one mugshot of somebody we were looking for,” said Faris.” From my previous background, I thought 'well that’s kind of boring.'”

So he and Detective Beck decided to spice things up. Each week the two collect crime reports from across the county and broadcast the culprits on social media.

“People are commenting, 'oh that’s so and so,'” said Faris. “Tips roll in really quick when we start putting people’s faces out.”
Not only do viewers find the show entertaining, there is a possibility if their tip leads to an arrest they can receive a cash reward from CrimeStoppers. This week’s show posted yesterday already racking up views, thanks to viewers, detectives were able to track a suspect down.

“This morning myself and Detective Vaughn have been out working on that case,” said Detective Beck. “We’ve identified that person and we’re in the process of obtaining arrest warrants now.”
If you have information to help investigators call 1-877-409-4321.

You can view Wanted Wednesday HERE.