DALLAS, N.C. -- Dallas Police say that two gunmen stormed the Domino's Pizza just off of US-321 early Monday morning, hitting one employee in the head with a gun, and forcing both workers into the cooler before stealing cash.

"Been coming around here for 10-years," said Neighbor Eric Bianchi. "So it shocks me that it would happen."

Dallas Police say this is the first robbery of the year for the quiet town and say this kind of crime is extremely rare.

But, it's not the only Domino's in recent weeks to be robbed in this way.

Back on February 20, gunmen robbed the Domino's on West Franklin in Gastonia.

Just last week on 4th Street in Charlotte the Domino's was robbed as well.

In all three cases, it was closing time, an employee was hurt, and everyone was forced into the cooler.

Now the Dallas Police, Gastonia Police, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are working together to find the men they believe are responsible for all 3 robberies.

Domino's Corporation has offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who can lead law enforcement to an arrest.

The Law Enforcement agencies are asking for the public's help. Anyone with information is urged to give them a call.

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