GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A woman charged in a deadly triple shooting after finding her husband in bed with two others plead guilty Monday. That plea deal has left victim's family members upset.

Jennifer Burke wanted Gambino to truly see one of the three people she killed so she brought pictures of her brother to court as Gambino entered the plea deal.

“We couldn't see him at the end... All the gunshots to my Brother were in his face and she needed to see who Geoff really was.”

Gambino shot and killed her husband, Gio Gambino, Geoff Gilliland, and Stephanie Sanchez after she found the three in bed having sex.

Upon finding them in the room, Gambino left and returned with a shotgun. She fired five times, then reloaded and emptied the shotgun two additional times, killing all three individuals.

Gambino’s defense attorney said she suffered from mental illness and was in an abusive marriage.

Gambino herself said, “I don't think I can say anything. I can say I'm sorry that I hate this happened it's a horrible tragedy and that's still not gonna make it better. I can say I'm sorry but I don't think they'll accept it anyway.”

The judge sentenced her to a minimum of 29 years in prison after she pled guilty to 1 count of involuntary manslaughter and 2 counts of second-degree murder.

"We need to make sure justice is served the best way possible,” said Spencer Burke, Geoff’s brother-in-law.

Jennifer Burke says justice will be served… “as long as she dies in prison.”

”Geoff was like every other brother son, every other uncle, nephew and definitely a father that, unfortunately, his son will never have. “

The defense attorney did not want to talk on camera but said there is no good ending in this case for anybody.

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