CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In the last year the FBI says the number of children and teens falling victim to online predators in the Charlotte area has skyrocketed.

Because hiding behind computer screens, sexual predators are using fake usernames and profiles, to get personal pictures from your children.

The FBI is calling it 'Sextortion,' and says agents are seeing a significant increase in cases involving 10 to 17 year olds, but any child can become a victim.

Kids are sending sexual photos and videos. In return, the offenders threaten to expose them publicly or to family and friends if their requests are not met.

The FBI tweeted this warning Tuesday urging teens not to hit send. On the same day, Governor Roy Cooper expanded North Carolina’s revenge porn law.

Now it is illegal for former lovers and strangers to post or live stream nude photos of a person without their consent.

Simple tips to make sure your kids don’t become a victim:

  • Make them aware anything posted online may be available to others
  • Review and approve apps on their devices
  • Regularly go through friends and followers, deleting anyone they’ve never met in person.

Some kids have even taken their lives for fear of being exposed. So, if any parents find out this is happening, report it to the FBI immediately.