CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- An old, abandoned elementary school went up in flames overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.

The abandoned school, Double Oaks Recreation Academy, was located off of Prince Hall Avenue in north Charlotte.

Investigators say the fire was intentionally set.

“On arrival, they had a lot of smoke coming from the building,” said fire captain Shawn Royall. “Basically it was determined right now is to be under investigation by our arson task force.”

The two-alarm fire took 52 firefighters one hour and 45 minutes to control.

Firefighters on scene told NBC Charlotte’s crew on the scene that the school had been vacant since January. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

However, the investigation is far from over.

“We’ve got a dedicated arson task force.” Royall said. “They start a process of trying to find out who was involved and hopefully lead to prosecution.”

Officials said the fire's damage is estimated at $175,000.