LINCOLNTON, N.C. – A Lincoln County detectives who was fired earlier this month for misconduct is being investigated as to whether he can be called as a credible witness in court.

According to District Attorney Michael Miller, former Lincolnton Police detectives Brent Heavner began engaging with a fellow police officer on the “Causal Encounters” section of Craigslist. Miller said the officer exchanged photos with Heavner, who was posing as a 21-year-old female during the correspondence.

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When Heavner received a non-sexual photo of the officer, he communicated with the command staff of Lincolnton Police. According to the DA, there was nothing in the email communication between both parties that the officer was seeking to connect with a minor and there was nothing in Heavner’s online persona that indicated the female was a minor.

Miller released a statement Thursday, saying that he was informed that Heavner downloaded an unauthorized app on his police-issued phone that recorded all of his calls. After Heavner was fired, detectives recovered hundreds of calls that were meant to be deleted by Heavner. Among those calls was a conversation Heavner had with an individual who told him the officer from the Craigslist messages had engaged in improper acts with his child.

Heavner contacted Lincoln County DSS following that conversation. The organization confirmed to Miller what Heavner said during one of the recorded calls, and they did not uncover enough evidence to support opening an investigation. Miller announced there is no indication or evidence that the child was abused in any manner, or that the officer engaged in any criminal activity with the child.

District Attorney investigation findings by Hank Lee on Scribd