DALLAS, N.C. -- Gaston County Police arrested a man who's accused of robbing and assaulting three elderly people in the past week.

Brian Carver faces multiple criminal charges including armed robbery, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

Police said they're also questioning him in a recent missing persons case involving a 90-year-old man.

Ray Ronald Jackson

Carver's arrest brings joy to Ed Barnes, who said he was robbed, kidnapped and assaulted by the man.

"I'm so relieved. I can't stand it," Barnes said. "We've lived in fear."

Police said on Tuesday night, Carver came into Barnes' house, asking for help to get to Lincolnton.

Barnes said he previously hired Carver to work on his trees.

As the two drove north, Barnes said Carver put a gun to his head and demanded he drive back to his house.

There, Barnes said Carver ordered his wife to the bathroom and stole an envelope of cash before he forced Barnes to drive him again around the county's rural roads.

"[I] tried to talk morals and religion with him at one point," Barnes recalled. "He told me God had never done anything for him."

After driving in what felt like circles, Barnes said Carver ordered him out of the car before driving off in it.

Barnes was able to get help and call 911. Neither he nor his wife were injured.

Carver is also facing charges for an armed robbery of an elderly man who lives five minutes from Barnes.