CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released the full, unedited body camera footage from two officers involved in a fatal shooting back in March, at the request of the deceased's family.

The family of Laroslav Mosiiuk, in compliance with a new law that requires families to file a court order to release body cam footage, requested the body camera footage of officers Brian Walsh and Michael Dezenzo be released by CMPD.

Laroslav Mosiiuk, 25, was shot in the back during the fatal incident on March 8, 2017 after officers responded to a suicide call at the 1000 block of Justice Avenue in Charlotte, where two officers found Mr. Mosiiuk holding a hunting rifle.

The judge said the video was "high quality with "good audio" and would offer an accurate representation of what he thinks occurred that day.


On mobile? Click here to watch officer Walsh's body cam footage.

On mobile? Click here to watch officer Dezenzo's body cam footage.

According to the official report from the District Attorney's office, Mosiuuk was pointing and tracking the rifle on officer Dezenzo when officer Walsh deemed him a threat and shot.

The two CMPD officers will not face charges in the fatal shooting, according to a CMPD investigation.

Mosiiuk's sister, Oleysa Tabaka sat behind her attorney in court last week. Tabaka has viewed the footage, but said it is important that is released to the public

Tabaka said she called 911 for help after her brother threatened to kill himself and had gotten a hold of her fiance's gun back on March 8.

According to the DA's report, Tabaka screamed at responding officers, “please don’t shoot him,” “don’t kill him,” “he’s just being crazy.”

The investigation later determined the gun was loaded, but missing a bolt, rendering it inoperable.

However, Michael Greene, the attorney representing Officer Brian Walsh, says his client had no choice but to fire what would be the fatal shot.

"It there's no longer a pending investigation we will not object to release," said CMPD attorney Jessica Battle.