RALEIGH, N.C. – Three-year-old Jordyn Dumont likely died as a result of blunt force abdominal injuries from an assault, the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office has determined.

The autopsy report, which was conducted in late August, was released Thursday afternoon. According to the report, Dumont was found wrapped in a black fitted sheet lying on her right side in a hole beneath several broken limbs and leaves. She was found wearing a wearing a white long-sleeve shirt that said “Best Big Sister” jean shorts and socks.

The report says the 3-year-old had multiple contusions to her abdomen, as well as her arms and legs. Vomit was noted in her mouth and nose by investigators.

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Dumont was reported missing on August 15 by her mother’s boyfriend, William McCullen. He was charged with first-degree murder by authorities in Gaston County.

Jordyn Dumont autopsy report by Hank Lee on Scribd