CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Several classrooms were turned upside down after a school break-in over the weekend, police said.

Investigators said the juvenile suspects started pouring soft drinks all over and it didn't stop there. The incident happened at Croft Community School in northeast Charlotte just before 7 p.m. Sunday.

According to the police report, the people involved broke in through an unsecured classroom window. Once inside, the suspects forced open a metal cabinet and ate several snacks. Then, they poured drinks on desks and floors in several classrooms. The suspects also opened a hamster cage in one classroom.

The school's principal said there was no safety threat to students or staff because no one was in the building at the time; however, she said they are working with police to prevent any further incidents in the future.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools told NBC Charlotte any student found to be involved would be disciplined according to the district's code of conduct.