CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Kevin Olsen's parents didn't speak as they left the Mecklenburg County Courthouse Monday morning.

Inside, they saw their youngest son wearing a much different uniform than the green and gold of the UNC-Charlotte 49ers, as he was wearing Mecklenburg County orange. In the courtroom, he spotted his parents but didn't crack a smile. Instead, just a nervous glance.

Olsen, a quarterback for UNCC's football team, made his first appearance in court Monday after he was arrested Sunday on three counts of second-degree forcible rape, cyberstalking, second-degree force sex offense, and assault on a female.

Prosecutors said the charges stem from Olsen’s girlfriend winding up at CMC after a violent night of both sexual and violent abuse.

Prosecutors say that both Olsen and the victim drank alcohol in uptown Saturday night, saying Olsen got upset about a text message his girlfriend received, at one point texting her that he was going to kill her.

Later that night, prosecutors say that the pair caught an Uber home. It was there that Olsen's girlfriend said he became more enraged about the text message she got during the night.

Officials say that Olsen tried to have sex with the victim three separate times and rape kits came back with injuries that are consistent with sexual assault.

Olsen was granted $25,000 bond on each charge of second-degree forcible rape, as well as $25,000 bond for forcible fondling and $3,000 bond for assault on a female for a total bond of $103,000. The judge also ordered that Olsen not have any social media contact with the victim.

Olsen is the younger brother of Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen. He was suspended from Charlotte Athletics and the university is reviewing the case “consistent with its disciplinary procedures.”

He turned himself into authorities without counsel.

The District Attorney's office told NBC Charlotte that Olsen's next court appearance is scheduled for March 3.