CHARLOTTE, N.C. – UNC-Charlotte quarterback Kevin Olsen was indicted by a grand jury on rape charges stemming from a February sexual assault Monday.

Olsen was indicted on three counts of second-degree forcible rape, two counts of assault on a female, and one count of second-degree forcible sexual offense.

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According to the District Attorney, the victim claims that he raped her at an off-campus apartment after a night of drinking. Olsen allegedly became outraged over text messages sent to her, and when she refused to have sex with him, he forced himself on her three times.

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Prosecutors say that Olsen texted the victim that he was going to kill her on the night of the attack. Court documents detailing the victim’s account of February 19 show that Olsen threatened to commit suicide. The victim also said that Olsen pushed her off the bed and punched her with a closed fist on her face, on her body, and that he backhanded her with an open hand.

Olsen is the younger brother of Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, who has yet to publicly comment on the case.

UNC-Charlotte head football coach Brad Lambert suspended Olsen after he was charged by police.