SALISBURY, N.C. -- Salisbury Police removed an intoxicated kilt-wearing, hatchet-carrying man from the roof of a downtown building Thursday morning, who was accused of making threats.

"I don't know why he picked my building, it's a wonder he didn't fall through the roof," said Bobby Wayne Burkhart of Rainbow Vacuums.

Burkhart was closed when the incident occurred around 3 a.m. Thursday morning. However, police say they found Brian Timothy Allen rolling around on the roof.

"Uncommon to happen around here to get up on this roof, you had to be high," said Burkhart.

Investigators say Allen was intoxicated but did not reveal what he was under the influence of. Witnesses say he did make a stop at Nashville Nights before heading to the roof.

"He was sitting here growling like an animal," said a bouncer at Nashville Nights, who did not want to reveal his name.

The bouncer says Allen didn't get a drink at their bar.

"Come in acting a little off-the-wall," he recalled.

The bouncer says he asked Allen to leave after he communicated threats to him.

"He was going to his car with a gun to his side and when he left the next person who was going to talk to him or look at him in any way he was going to kill them," he said.

The bouncer says he called police and kept an eye on Allen, as he stood near his car in the parking lot. However, he lost sight of him before he headed up to the roof of the building next door.

Salisbury Police eventually located Allen on the roof. They said he was wearing a tactical vest, a kilt and armed with three knives, a hatchett and a loaded gun.

"I'm glad that he was stopped and they caught him in time before he did what he said he was going to do," the bouncer said.

Police seized the weapons, but let him go with a citation for carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated, a misdemeanor that carries up to 60 days in jail.

"He was very cooperative the whole time," said Capt. Melonie Thompson. "He was very pleasant, so we didn't feel like he was a threat," she explained.