LINCOLNTON, N.C. -- A local detective who made a name for himself busting child sex predators online has been fired.

The Lincolnton Police Department fired Detective Brent Heavner in late-October for "misconduct," according to the city's human resources department.

NBC Charlotte interviewed Heavner multiple times in the past year for his online stings that led to convictions for several predators.

District Attorney Mike Miller said his prosecutors won't be trying any of Heavner's cases until February 2018, at the earliest, while he determines whether Heavner's firing becomes a Giglio issue.

A Giglio, named after a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, is a legal term in which a prosecutor must disclose to defense attorneys if a witness, like a police officer, has credibility issues.

Defense attorneys often use the information to try to prevent an officer from testifying against their client.

Since Heavner is the main witness in all of his arrests, if a Giglio is placed on him, his cases could fall apart.

NBC Charlotte called Heavner on his cell phone, but it was turned off, and the voicemail box was full. He also didn't respond to a text message.