LINCOLNTON, N.C. -- A man known for professionally dressing up as movie characters, including a Ghostbuster and a Man in Black, pleaded guilty to soliciting a child for sex through a computer.

Michael Geressy entered a guilty plea during a court appearance Monday in Lincoln County.

He will spend the next 75 days in prison followed by four months of electronic monitoring, and he must also register as a sex offender for the next 30 years.

Geressy made a career out of getting paid to appear at parties dressed up as various movie characters.

Geressy's Ghostbuster car.

He was arrested by Lincolnton Police as part of an ongoing online child sex sting.

Geressy arranged online to meet with a 14-year-old girl for sex, who was actually an undercover detective.

That detective said Geressy's case was unique due to his appearance when it came time to arrest him.

"It was kind of bizarre for him to show up in a black suit and an exact replica of the "Men in Black" car from the movie," the detective said.

Geressy's attorney declined to comment on his client's guilty plea.