CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A tragedy at Louisiana State University is hitting close to home in the Queen City.

A student died in what police say was a hazing incident at LSU's fraternity Phi Delta Theta house. Now, ten young men are facing charges including one from Charlotte.

Charlotte native 21-year-old Zachary Hall was one of the ten fraternity brothers charged in the death of LSU freshman 18-year-old Max Gruver.

Gruver was found unresponsive at the fraternity house in September.

The autopsy for Gruver showed he was intoxicated far beyond the legal limit. According to NBC Charlotte's Louisiana affiliate WWL, Gruver had a blood alcohol level of .495 at the time of his death. The coroner concluded that Gruver died of acute alcohol intoxication with aspiration and reports that the manner of his death was "an accident."

"I'm speaking for only my client," said Hall's attorney, David Bourland. "I know he did nothing that was inappropriate or that was illegal."

After arrest warrants were issued for the fraternity brothers Wednesday, they turned themselves into authorities. According to LSU, all ten students were to be booked with hazing while one of them, Matthew Alexander Naquin, would be booked with negligent homicide charges in connection to Gruver's death.

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According to the reports filed in court, "Bible Study" meant Phi Delta Theta pledges had to drink if they incorrectly answered questions about the fraternity during a gathering the night before 18-year-old Gruver died.

A witness told police that Gruver was "highly intoxicated" when members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity left him on a couch sometime after midnight on Sept. 14. Around 11 a.m. that morning, members found Gruver still on the couch with a weak pulse and couldn't tell if he was breathing. He died at a hospital later that day.