CHESTER, S.C. – For the third time in two weeks, a person was caught peeping on a female in South Carolina.

The latest victim was a 16-year-old girl, whose alleged peeper was her mother’s boyfriend. Deputies with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office charged Jerald Jermaine Gore, 42, with voyeurism after they say he recorded his girlfriend’s teenage daughter while she was getting dressed.

Deputies say the teen was getting ready for church when the alleged incident occurred. When the victim was done in the shower, she went into her bedroom and heard what sounded like the low battery warning on a cell phone. She looked around and found the phone hidden in a bag on her dresser, police say.

Deputies reviewed the video, which they said showed the teen naked.

Police say the teen took the phone to her mother, who confronted Gore about the incident. According to deputies, Gore told the teen's mother that he didn't know how it recorded her daughter. The victim then contacted her father, who contacted police.

Less than a week ago, Leika Tillery saw someone peeping at her bedroom window in Rock Hill.

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“My neighbor heard me screaming and chased him off with a stick,” Tillery said.

Peeping Toms are also going high tech, using cameras so small they can fit virtually anywhere. It’s a tiny trend that’s continuing to grow.

Last month in York County, a man was caught and arrested for taping a pen with a hidden camera to his neighbor’s bedroom window.

“It’s not like the old-school peeping Tom where you look into a window,” said Trent Faris with the York County Sheriff’s Office. “The way technology is now, you never know when someone might be invading your privacy.”